Kohinoor Basmati Rice

Premium Rice Packaging Design

Kohinoor is a popular Indian basmati rice brand sold in UK, Europe and Asian Countries.

While working at evolve, I had a chance to design an extension to the existing variants – extra flavour and extra long basmati rice packs. The 2 new premium variants  were the extra mature (dark purple) basmati rice and silver (extra fine) basmati rice.  Extra mature pack comes in a darker (mature) colour and features more sophisticated design. As the rice has been matured for a longer period of time, it has a stronger flavour and is more valued by rice experts. Silver pack features imagery of the rice fields. Both packs have a premium look and the Indian heritage detail.

Extra mature basmati rice saw the market in 2015, Silver in 2016. Product sold all across UK, Tesco & Asda stores, Bookers and private sellers.

my part in it

  • Design concept (extra fine & extra mature variant)
  • Packaging Design
  • Extension to different sizes
  • Artwork