Hakkai! Indian-Chinese fusion

Brand Identity & Packaging design

This was another design project I’ve worked on at while at Evolve Creative. The brief was to design the name, identity & packaging for a brand new range of Indian/Chinese (fusion) fastbfood, developed by Gourmand Foods and Beverages ltd.

The brand name ‘Hak-kai’ was created from the name of the original Hakka people who settled in parts of Northern India from China and the Indian ‘kai’ – to eat. The brand came out into the marked on the early 2015.

The aim of the packaging was to illustrate the fusion of the two cultures along with product descriptors across the various categories of sauces, soups and mixes.

The product came out in 2015. Sold in ethnic aisles at Tesco Stores, UK.

My Part in it

  • Packaging Design
  • Extensions
  • Artworking